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Ingvild Holm
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Artistic Research

Nora's tarantella


Performance with silent puppet film.

Filmed in my tiny PhD office disguised as a black box, with wooden marionettes from the archive and based on Henrik Ibsen's institutional critique A Dolls House. Part of the Artistic Phd Project on what site and context do to form and content with place itself as the Protagonist.


Marionettes by Josef Vitek.
Sound by Snorre Ytterstad.
Concept, puppeteering, filming, editing & sound design by Ingvild Holm.
Made at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Norwegian Artistic Research Program.

Shown live as site specific film performances:
20 – 21/9/2019 at Bastard, Rosendal Teater, Trondheim.
24/1/2020 at the National Theatre, Oslo.
25/1/2020 at Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad.
2/4/2020 at BIT, Bergen (CORONA CANCELLED)

'... ei humoristisk, lett naivistisk, og særs underhaldande versjon av Henrik Ibsens «Et dukkehjem», ... aldri har eg sett «Et dukkehjem» så dampande erotisk som denne versjonen'. (Amund Grimstad/ festivalanmeldelse)