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Ingvild Holm
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Artistic Research

Nora's Tarantella


Performance with silent puppet film.

Based on Henrik Ibsen's A Doll’s House.

The performance takes place at the masquerade ball referred to but never played in the original. Nora enters and mingles with the audience who also play the guests. We all drink champagne and eat macaroons. As the evening entertainment is announced, she screens the silent puppet film and performs all characters live.

Nora’s Tarantella is site-based and partly improvised, working with re-use as an artistic method inspired by philosophies as New Materialism. The wooden marionettes have a worn-out historic materiality, sculptural, beautiful and vulgar, closer to comedy traditions than the bourgeois drama, and the film itself is more of a baroque cave painting than skilled puppetry. The performing Nora is a worn-out beauty who does her best to entertain with simple means, while engaging deeply in the character’s problems. And while Ibsen's theme is a woman stuck in an upper-class marriage, Holm discusses both class and art, and their relation to money, marked and institutions.

The film is made with found puppets and filmed with Holm’s iPhone in her tiny PhD office disguised as a black box. It’s produced as part of her artistic PhD project on what site and context do to form and content with place itself as the animated protagonist. Place: Norwegian Theatre Academy, a former puppetry school/ PhD office. Developed within the Norwegian Artistic Research Program.


Marionettes by Josef Vitek.
Music by Snorre Ytterstad.
Costume by Fredrik Floen.
Masks by Hazel Barstow.
Concept, puppeteering, filming, editing & sound design by Ingvild Holm.
Made at Norwegian Theatre Academy in Norwegian Artistic Research Program.

Site specific performances:
16/3/2023, Teaterfest, Møre og Romsdal Art senter, Molde.
29/9/2022, Høstscena, KUBE, Ålesund.
Autumn 2021, International Ibsen festival, Oslo National Theatre (corona cancelled).
2/4/2020, BIT, Bergen (corona cancelled).
25/1/2020, Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad.
24/1/2020, Nationaltheatret, Oslo.
20 – 21/9/2019, Bastard International Theatre festival, Rosendal Teater, Trondheim.

Review (in Norwegian) from Bastard:
'... ei humoristisk, lett naivistisk, og særs underhaldande versjon av Henrik Ibsens «Et dukkehjem», ... aldri har eg sett «Et dukkehjem» så dampande erotisk som denne versjonen'. (Amund Grimstad/ festivalanmeldelse)