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Ingvild Holm
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Ingvild Holm works across theatre and visual art as a writer, director, scenographer and performer, working with form, concept and dramaturgy, lately within performative and conceptual object dramaturgy as in living scenography and sculpture characters. She holds a PhD from the Norwegian Artistic Research Program with a series of object oriented site specifics on what place and context do to form and content, with place itself as the performing protagonist. She has been in numerous national and international collaborations, and was for 24 years a member of the artist collective Baktruppen. She is a part time professor and researcher in Performing arts at Norwegian Theatre Academy across the departments of performance, scenography and acting. Holm lives and works in Oslo.


Balders gate 11 A, 0263 Oslo
(47) 909 29944
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Ongoing artistic works/ Independent performances/ Exhibitions&group shows/ Collaborations/ Curatorial work/ Published texts&articles/ Books&catalogues/ Videos/ Films/ Seminars/ Performing research, texts&lectures/ Workshops/ Working Grants/ Employments&PhD/ Committees, boards&mentoring/ Research collaborations/ Member organizations/ Other/ Baktruppen/ Prizes Baktruppen/

Ongoing artistic works

––> Touring Nora’s Tarantella (2019). Performance with silent puppet film. Solo.

––> Re-development of the scenographic character Round column on wheels with red surrounded curtains (from Snikende død 2021).

––> Rommets døtre. Fiction masked as a PhD publication, following the procrastinating editors in dialogue with each other, me/fictional me and writers, while corona, Sløseriombudsmannen and War hits the plot. With Goro Tronsmo and Runa Borch Skolseg. Published by Scenekunstromaner.

––> Scenekunstromaner, the Play, inspired by Rommets døtre and its main characters. To be staged.

––> Happy accidents. In development with Snorre Ytterstad.

Independent performance work (selected)


––> Nora’s Tarantella (2019). Performance with silent puppet film. Recorded for camera in my tiny white PhD office masked as a black box. Based on Ibsen’s A Doll’s House with wooden marionettes in all characters. Performed as a masquerade ball with the audience as guests. Teaterfest, Molde.

––> Hendelse(R) with Theatre Sculpture. Opening performance, Teaterfest, Molde.


––> Nora’s Tarantella (2019). Høstscena, Ålesund.

––> Hendelse(R). Performance lecture on What hands do, Høstscena.


––> Snikende død. Object theatre about the dying. First version at Scenehuset, Oslo. Supported by Arts Council Norway.

––> Nora’s Tarantella (2019). Performance with silent puppet film. At the National Theatre’s Ibsen Festival in Oslo. CORONA CANCELLED.

––> Orientering Sånafest. Performative text on orienteering with performance art, geography, and people at Sånafest, Son/ Hølen.


––> Letter to Charlie Kaufman. Performance lecture at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo. Podcast. Also played at Radio Orakel.

––> Nora’s Tarantella (2019). Performance with silent puppet film. At BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen. CORONA CANCELLED.

––> Viva voce. Performative Zoom from home office, Oslo.

––> A Doll’s House. Silent puppet film performed in my tiny PhD office at NTA, Fredrikstad.

––> Plast-iiik home. Re-used standup performance based on two years saving of my plastic waste, and a recycled criminal comedy from Cabaret theatre Chat Noir. At home in Oslo.

––> Nora danser sin tarantella. Performance with silent puppet film. Based on Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s house with wooden marionettes in all roles. Nora is the artistic research fellow performing at the neighbour’s masquerade ball with the audience as guests. At The National Theatre in Oslo.


––> A Doll’s house. First version of performance with silent puppet film. Nora is the chocolate girl selling sweets and popcorn in a former cinema, while translating the dialogues simultaneous for an international audience. Site specific at Bastard, Rosendal Theatre, Trondheim.

––> New drinks for educated people. Site specific performance with waiters in a bar during National headmasters meeting. Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad.


––> Äppelmosse, Fjädermosse och Jean Francois Regnard. From the glittering French Salons to the forest of Lainio. Based on a found moss collection and a found film script about a French comedy playwright and (maybe) the first tourist to Lappland (1681). Performed with objects in two site specific object made theatres in Lainio and Luleå. Org. Residence-in-Nature (RIN), Norrbotten Museum and Luleå Biennial. Sweden.

––> Gold. Sculptures sing old songs about money in the former bank building, now culture house Sentralen. At New Music’s festival Only Connect, Oslo.

––> Plast–iiik! (2017) Standup performance recycled. Black box version. Performed at Climate festival §112, Sentralen, Oslo.

––> Plast–iiik Xtra. Performance at Artists Climate Mic, old Deichmanske Library, Oslo.

––> Animal. Performance for Live Radio’s Folk og dyr, by Ingvild Færøy and Søssa Jørgensen, Skiptvetutstillinga, Punkt Ø, Gallery F15, Jeløya.


––> Milk Cow II. Performance with farmer, gallery technician, Cow and Fiddle at the opening of Skiptvetutstillingen, Punkt Ø, Gallery F15, Jeløya.
––> Milk Cow I. Solo performance as Cow. Skiptvet.

––> Plast–iiik! Standup performance recycled. White cube version. Performed at Hordaland Kunstnersenter, at BIT METEOR, Bergen.

––> Plast–iiik! Standup performance with two years of private plastic waste performed in borrowed scenography. At Cabaret theatre Chat Noir recycling elements from ongoing criminal comedy The Play that goes wrong, inside of its scenography. Supported by Oslo Kommune, Chat Noir and Arts Council Norway.

––> Masks of Venice. Site specific performances during Resite Venice, artistic research project financed by NARP & Artistic research pavilion Venice.


­­––> Walking space. Objects sing the birthday song. Performance at NTA’s 25-year jubilee, House of literature, Fredrikstad. Org. NTA

––> Er den daud? Criminal performance. At Skulestua, Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler.


––> Kunstnerskapet presenterer Entreprenørskapet. Performances at Arendalsuka. Org. Kunstnernettverket. A version of the text – Dramatisk kunstpolitikk, published at


––> Murder, you say? Radio theatre produced for Ballongmagasinet – Søssa Jørgensen and Yngvild Færøy’s Live Radio The will of the culture. Broadcasted to Centrifug Populär (lokal FM), from Konsthall C, Stockholm, and live performance at Kunstnernes hus, Oslo (2014).

––> Me for Murder. Performance at Avantgarden, Trondheim. Supported by Arts Council Norway (2013).

––> Trojan Donkey. Performance on power, art and research language. Telemark University College (2013).

––> Den ukjente X. Performative talk at Black Box Theatre in Oslo. Text published in Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift (2012).

––> Erasmus Montanus roter i skogen. Performative talk on language and nature. As a tree in the forest. Nordmarka, Oslo. Org. Dans for voksne (2012).

––> Avkrok. Performative talk on centre and periphery at the last meeting in Dælenenggata/ Scenekunnskap. Published at (2012).

––> Suited protest. Performative talk on power and clothing. At Teatertankens Salon in Dælenenggata/ Scenekunnskap (2012).

––> Political dance. The slogan Norway out of Nato as Line dance over the phone line to BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (2002).

Exhibitions & group shows (selected)


––> Rommet bak balkongen. Remade room, moved from private inside to public outside. Site Specific Character for Sånafest, Son/ Hølen.


––> Working Spaces. Performative durational exhibition with all objects found and made during the PhD project. At NTA, Fredrikstad.


––> Natt. Photos used by Snorre Ytterstad at his exhibition at Akershus kunstsenter (Nitja).

––> Fool. Performance at Parade, by Carnival Union in Oslo. Site-specific.


––> Residence-in-Nature (RIN). Solo performance, group work and exhibition at Lainio Bygdegård and Norrbotten Museum. With Åsa Jungnelius, Lisa Torell, Hans Isaksson, Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Esko Mannikkö, Markus Vallien and Oscar Mannikkö. Luleå Biennial. Sweden.

––> Plast–iiik Xtra. Installation (and performance) at Artists Climate Mic, old Deichmanske Library, Oslo.

––> Cow and Fiddle. Performative sound sculptures at Skiptvetutstillingen, curated by Geir Tore Holm & Søssa Jørgensen. With Bodil Furu, Christy Gast, Roderick Hietbrink, Line Bøhmer Løkken, Margrethe Iren Pettersen, Hans Hamid Rasmussen and Åsa Sonjasdotter. Punkt Ø, Gallery F15, Jeløya.


­­­­––> Blind Spot. Staring down the void. Performance with Karen Kipphoff (No/De), Marcio Carvalho (De), Farid Fairuz (Ro), Trond Lossius (No) and Carole Nadeau (Ca). At NTA, Fredrikstad, and BIT METEOR, Bergen.

––> Plastic. Show room. Performing the Plastic Diary at Helium, Fredrikstad. Supported by Arts Council Norway.


––> Holberg and the fools. Jar exhibition on patterns and structures. With Gurå Mathiesen. Dælenenggata, Oslo.

––> Theatre Dialogues. Eight openings for theatre and street. Solo exhibition, Dælenenggata, Oslo.


––> Assistant, adviser, and documentation for visual artist Snorre Ytterstads works and exhibitions. As Night at Akershus kunstsenter (Nitja) (2020), Bird in Space, Museet for samtidskunst (2011) og Bjørvika Project/ Samtidsmuseet (2003), Zero Gravity, Galleri Wang, Oslo (2004) & Cobweb, Hå Gamle Prestegård, Rogaland (2003).

Collaborations (selected)


––> Object Oriented Orchestra. Space and technical equipment at brand new Vega Scene do their things. Durational object performance over two days, included an object-super-show. With Jakob Oredsson at Material Strategy Research Seminar, Oslo (PKU/ NARP).


­­––> Draum om våren. Cartoon theatre about a train trip to China starring Jon Fosse and Norwegian Officials, to fix Norway trade relations to China with a Jon Fosse play as gift. Ends in disaster. With Trine Falch at Det Norske Teater, Oslo. Supported by Arts Council Norway, FLB and Dramatikkens hus.

––> Pre showed as Bad Timing at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo.


––> Atelier Populaire. With Palestinerleir, Andrea Lange, Johanna Zwaig, Marius von der Fehr and many more. Oslo Kunsthall.


––> Come and see. Theatre history as hyper textual tragedy. With Trine Falch and Geir Jensen. Black Box, Oslo.


––> Dead and/ or alive. Prologue. Black molton figures swallow all things in Black box. With Trine Falch and Geir Jensen. Black Box, Oslo.

1990 – 2000

––> More Information. Concert with scissors, sewing machine and ironer in live production of the label More Information. Opening of Momentum, Gallery F15, Moss.

––> Synchronized swimming – he sings when he flies. In the pool. With Tone Avenstroup (N/DE), Robert Lippok (DE) og Henryk Gericke (DE). During ‘Positionen junger Kunst und Kultur’ at Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

––> Anwendung. With Tone Avenstroup. Text Finn Iunker. With Bert Papenfuss, Otmar Wagner, Niko Tenten og Florian Feigl. At Podewil, Berlin.

––> Daglig drift blir som dyr. Photo action. With Trine Falch.

––> The poetical space of reflection. At Walter Benjamin Symposium, BIT, Bergen. With Bent Nørgaard (DA), Per Flink Basse (DA), Dola Bonfils (DA), Mårten Spångberg (S) og Knut Ove Arntzen.

––> Read my lips. Staged readings with Verdensteateret, Finn Iunker, Knut Ove Arntzen, Per Platou, Morten Spångberg, Den Danske Konungen and many more. Reading of Alien film script became the CD Alien – resurrection, with music from Information. Zoolounge, Oslo.

––> Grorudbanen Voff. With Rolv Bergesen, Øyvind Berg, Worm Winther, Per Henrik Svalastog and Dag Solstad. Teatergarasjen, Bergen, ND -93 / BIT.

––> Nora meets Baal. Performance based on the plays by Ibsen and Brecht. Directed by Branco Brezovitch, Kroatia. Co-production by BIT, Prosjekt-teateret, Bergen, and Eurokaz, Zagreb, Kroatia. At Verftet, Bergen.

––> Norsk standard. Performance with Marianne Solberg (text). At the opening of Kulturhuset USF in Bergen. Organized by ND-92 & BIT Teatergarasjen.

––> Eat this. CD with the band TRAKTOR, Bergen. Composition, texts, vocal and violin.

––> Triumf att finnas till. Based on poems by Edith Södergran. With Henriette Harbitz, Ragnhild – and Per Ananiassen. Verftet USF, Bergen.

––> Parafraser over Kurt Schwitters URSONATEN. With Gisle Frøysland and Rolv Bergesen. Music Factory, Festspillene i Bergen.

Curatorial work (selected)


––> Scenekunnskap & Scenekunnskap Chat Noir. Meetings on current discourses and research from Theatre Science UIB/ UIO. Co-curator ––> Gabrielle Haga. In Artist-ru Dælenenggata and Private Cabaret Theatre Chat Noir. Published at Supported by Arts Council Norway.

––> Teatertanken. Think tank for the Performing Arts. Seminars, meetings, texts etc.

TeaterTanken. Politisk tenketank for et kunstbasert teater.


––> Performing Arts Film Festival. Thirty years of experiments in western theatre and performing arts. With Siren Leirvåg and Knut Ove Arntzen. Org.: Scenekunnskap Chat Noir at Black Box Theatre, Oslo.

––> Kulturutredningen 2014; forslag til tiltak. With Hild Borchrevinck, Sigrid Røyseng, Morten Gjelten, Ådne Sekkelsten and Knut Alfsen. Org.: Scenekunnskap at Chat Noir, Oslo.


––> Theatre critics. With Therese Bjørneboe, Idalou Larsen, Inger Merete Hobbelstad og Anette Therese Pettersen. Org.: Scenekunnskap at Chat Noir.


––> Dælenenggata; space for performing arts. Exhibitions, performances, concerts, seminars, meetings. Re-use of Baktruppen’s former office and theatre space in Oslo. Supported by Arts Council Norway.

––> The mailbox series. Space itself is curating. Series of events in Baktruppen’s amphi theatre based on 64 letters to Dælenenggata.

Published texts/ articles

––> Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift, Ånd i hanske – tidsskrift for figurteater, Peripeti – nordisk tidsskrift for dramaturgiske studier,, Klassekampen. See TEXT.

Books and catalogues


––> Floran, Mammas hus i Lainio. Documentation of the art project Residence-in-Nature (RIN) from work and exhibitions at Marttigården, Lainio & Norrbotten Museum, Luleå, Sweden, during the years 2017 – 2021. With Åsa Jungnelius, Lisa Torell, Hans Isaksson, Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Esko Mannikkö, Markus Vallien and Oscar Mannikkö. Layout Jonas Williamson. Book, Narayana Press.


––> Skiptvet, Agricultural stories. Catalogue from Skiptvetutstillingen, curated by Geir Tore Holm & Søssa Jørgensen. With Bodil Furu, Christy Gast, Roderick Hietbrink, Line, Bøhmer Løkken, Margrethe Iren Pettersen, Hans Hamid Rasmussen and Åsa Sonjasdotter. Design Ulf Carlsson. Punkt Ø, Gallery F15 2018.


––> Performance Art by Baktruppen, first part. Editors Knut Ove Arntzen & Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk. Texts from Danjel Andersson, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Arnd Wesemann, Kathrin Tiedemann, Kjetil Røed, Robin Deacon, the editoris and Baktruppen. Kontur Publishing.

Videos (selected)


––> Bird in space. Filming and editing. Assisting Snorre Ytterstad at his solo exhibition Squared Target, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo. Produced for Bjørvika Project at National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2003.


––> Capital goods. Independent silent short film on Gin tonic and the moving of a capital (2:54min). Based on Dag Solstad’s trip by train from Moscow to Dublin. Produced by Baktruppen for the floppy horror show Eurohuh/ Eurohæ? Shown at Norwegian Short Film Festival 2001, Grimstad & at Festival de Premiers Plans, Festival d’Angers, Paris.

Films (acting in main character)


––> Debutanten, animation by Anne Kjersti Bjørn.

1994 ­­

––> Le Jour du Bain. Kiev 1941. Short film by Dominique de Rivaz (1994). Photo by Georgiy Dzalayev. Swiss/Russian co-production. Best short film at Locarno Film festival, Switzerland. Rewarded with several prizes.

––> Dreamplay. Feature film by Unni Straume based on Strindberg. Photo by Harald Paalgaard. Presented at Un Certain Regard, Cannes. Rewarded with several prizes.

Seminars 2014 – 2018 (selected)


––> Recycled Scenography. Two seminar’s at Heddadagene, Det Norske teater, Oslo. Concept. Org. NTO & Norske scenografer.


––> Forskriften som forsvant. Seminar on burning issues in Arts Council Norway, Dramatikkens hus, Oslo. Org. Dramatikkens hus & Teatertanken.


––> Nye kluter. Seminar on Performing Arts at Dramatikkens Hus. Org. Dramatikkens hus & Teatertanken.

––> Ja, vi elsker teater/ Yes, we love theatre. Seminar on the why’s and how’s within state supported theatre. With Denis van Laeken (BE), Joris Janssens (BE), Monna Dithmer (D), Remi Nilsen (N) –editor in Le Monde Diplomatique, and TeaterTanken. At Dramatikkens hus. Co-prod.: TeaterTanken, Dramatikkens hus, KhiO and Scenekunnskap Chat Noir.

Performing research/ texts & lectures (selected)


––> All things are different with toothpicks. Performative text for Material Strategies, Research Collaboration NTA/ NARP.

––> We and I. Performance lecture on Baktruppen and me, at University of Copenhagen. Published in Peripeti.

––> The method is the sculpture. Expanded lecture with puppet. Klækken Hotell, Hønefoss, NARP.


––> Live PowerPoint. Puppeteering the research. Teatervitenskaplig dugnad, Bergen.


––> Climate and theatre. Talk at Klimasøksmål Arktis §122, Kulturhuset, Oslo.

––> My great PowerPoint Show. Performance with screen and projector as characters, PKU/ NARP.


––> Space Interview. Kunstnerskapet (2014) at 1) Kunstnernes hus, Oslo, and 2) Holmen Fjordhotel, Asker, PKU/ NARP.

––> Clown and Marionette. KhiO/ Academy of the Arts, Oslo.

––> Space Automatism & Baktruppen and me. Performance lectures at NTA, Fredrikstad.


––> A story about size. Picture cartoon. Published in Propellen Fanzine.

––> Stand-in. Research presentation at the first NTA seminar.

––> Space One. Performance Lecture in a motorcycle helmet, Holmen Fjordhotel, Asker, PKU/ NARP.



––> Picture the picture (MA Performance), Twins of reality (BA SCenography/ ACTing), Everyday fiction (BA ACTing), Scenography comedy (BA SCen.), Blind mimetic (MA Performance& SCenography), Space works, Spiral lectures, Low status material & re-use (BA ACT/ SC). NTA, Fredrikstad.


––> It doesn’t workshop with Baktruppen. Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, UK og Akademi for scenekunst (NTA), Fredrikstad.

Working Grants

––> Arts Council Norway, 2020–23, 2011 & 2005.

Employments & PhD

––> Professor in Performing Arts within scenography, acting and performance, Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA), 50% included research (2020–)

––> Artistic research leader at the Academy of Theatre, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 20%, spring semester 2023.

––> PhD in Norwegian Artistic Research Program (NARP) with Space Automatism, a series of site specific object oriented works on what place and context do to form and content, with place itself as the animated protagonist (2015–20)

Committees/ boards/ mentoring


––> Member of the expert committee for PhD applications (2021&2022), opponent for Artistic researcher Signe Becker (2022), assessment committee for Lisa Lie (2022–23), Academy of Theatre at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

––> Member of the assessment committee for Josh Spear, Norwegian Academy of Music (2021–22).

––> Mentoring three MA students in performance. Tutoring independent productions at BA-level, as well as individual students, NTA.

––> Vara member in the board of Norwegian Artistic Research Program (NARP). Vara member in the Election Board for Norsk Skuespillerforbund.

Research collaboration


––> Material Strategies. Two years research led by Camilla Eeg Tverbakk. NTA/ Østfold University College and Concordia University in Canada.


––> Blind Spot. Staring down the void. Two years research-based project with Karen Kipphoff (No/De), Marcio Carvalho (De), Farid Fairuz (Ro), Trond Lossius (No) and Carole Nadeau (Ca). Financed by Norwegian Artistic Research Program and Norwegian Theatre Academy (Østfold University College), HZT/ UDK Berlin, BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen Electronic Arts Centre (BEK), Tranzit Foundation Bucharest Romania, Canada Council for the Arts, and Conseil des Arts et des Lettres Quebec. Performed at NTA, Fredrikstad, and BIT METEOR, Bergen.

––> Resite Venice. Org.: Norwegian Artistic Research Program (NARP) and Venice Research Pavilion. Curated by Ellen Røed og Serge von Arx. With Lisa Torell, Edvine Larssen, Brynjar Bandlien, Cecilie Semec and Bjørnar Habbestad.

Member organizations

––> Norsk Skuespillerforbund (NSF), Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK), Unge kunstneres forbund (UKS), Arts Hub Norway & Unima.


––> Second violin in Gjøvik Symfoniorkester, conducted by Rolf Bekkelund.
––> Euphonium in Vindingstad Skolekorps.
––> Conductor Course.

Baktruppen ––>

––­­> Core member in collective development of all artistic concepts and content, as well as performing in all shows from 1987–2011. Editing/ layout website 2002 – 2011, economy 1996–98 & 2010–2011, producer and tour administration 2000 & 2008–2011, documentation and editing video/ photo 2000–2011.

––> Baktruppen RIP. Press release ––> After 24 years of public service producing 46 major productions and a lot of minor actions and performances on more than 180 stages in 29 countries plus two radio plays, three books, four cd's etc. the theatre- and performance collective Baktruppen shuts down from 1st of March 2011. All the best to friends, colleagues, and audiences. It has been a wonderful time. For Baktruppen by Øyvind Berg, Ingvild Holm, Jørgen Knudsen, Per Henrik Svalastog, Bo Krister Wallström, Worm Winther. Baktruppen’s archive is delivered to The National Library in Oslo.

––> Former members ––> Trine Falch, Gurå Mathiesen, Tone Avenstroup and Hans Petter Melø Dahl.

­­––> Supported by Arts Council Norway. Any many many others. Thank you.

––> Venues (selected) ––> Witte de With, Rotterdam. Preus fotomuseum, Horten. Kulturhuset i Barentsburg. In Oslo ––­­> Henie Onstad Art Centre, Ibsenfestivalen/ Nasjonalteatret, Black Box, Gamle Losjen, Parkteatret, Galleri Samtidskunstforum, Kunstnernes Hus, Zoolounge, Stratos, Scenehuset, Museet for samtidskunst and more. Uppsala Stadsteater. Teaterhuset Avantgarden, Trondhjem. Hanoi, Vietnam. Stamsund internasjonale teaterfestival. Berlin. Tallinn, Helsinki. Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Xiamen, Foshan, Shenzhen, Macao. Storåsfestivalen. European Centre for the Arts Hellerau, Dresden. Kampnagel, Hamburg. Continental Breakfast Tallinn - NU Performance Festival, Estland. Rui Hortas dansekloster, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal. Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm. Røda Sten, Katedralen, Gøteborg. PS 122, New York. Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria. Volksbühne im Prater, Berlin. In Bergen ––> BIT Teatergarasjen, Danseteateret Carte Blanche, Verftet USF, Bergen Kunstforening, Grieghallen, Det akademiske kvarter and more. Uganda National Theatre, Kampala, Uganda. Kilen, Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Kunstbanken, Hamar. Rui Hortas dansekloster, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal. Morokulien (på grensa mellom Sverige og Norge). Gulbenkian Foundation Modern Art Centre, Lisboa. ZKM, Karlsruhe. Kapittel 01, Garborgdagene, Stavanger. M/S Vesterålen. Kampnagel, Hamburg. Høvleriet, Haugesund. Kunstforeningen, Tromsø. Kulturhuset Banken, Lillehammer, Norwegian Litterature Festival. PIT, Porsgrunn. Theatre Von Krahl, Tallinn. Dream Factory, Riga. Gloria Kulturhus, amorph 01, Helsinki. Turku Academy of Arts, Turku. Localmotives, Stavanger. Gallery F-15, Moss. 21. North German Theatre Meeting, Lübeck. Helsinki Act. Kadettangen, Bærum. ICA, London. Helsinki Act, Helsinki. Panacea Talk Show, Stockholm. Nordic House, Reykjavik. Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff. Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong. Worm Winther’s home, Oslo. Jo Strømgren’s home, Bergen. For cows at Tynestangen, Levanger. Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum. STUC, Leuven. De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam. Limelight, Kortrijk. Smutthullet, Alta. Porsanger Vertshus, Lakselv. Bekteharji, Kautokeino. Kulturhuset, Karasjok. Malmklang, Kirkenes. M/S Midnatsol, Hurtigruten. Tromsø Kunstforening. Theatre Academy, Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival, Shanghai. Chapter Art Centre, Cardiff. CCA, Glasgow. Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Hebbel Theater, Berlin. Hedmark Teaterfestival, Kongsvinger. Bodø Kunstforening. Arbeideren, Kabelvåg. Gimle Kino, Stamsund. Trondenes Fort, Harstad. M/S Ragnvald Jarl, Hurtigruten. Ungdommens Hus, Tromsø. M/S Kong Harald, Hurtigrten. Theater am Turm, Frankfurt. TRIPPEL-X, Amsterdam. Kanonhallen, København. Lift 95, London International Festival of Theatre, ICA, London. Exit -96, Maison des Arts, Cretéil. Theatre 140, Brussel. Shanghai Theatre Academy. Shouson Theater, Hong Kong. Lillehammer Painting Collection. Felix Meritis, Amsterdam. Melkweg, Amsterdam. Scena Cecao, Zagreb. Belluard/Bollwerk, Fribourg. Clastro de San Augostin, Malaga. Teatro del Parco, Polverigi. Rote Fabriek, Zürich. Bryggeriet, Elverum. Kaaitheater, Brussel. Arendberginstitut, Leuven. Salle Strau, Meubeuge. La Fonderie, LeMans. Tacheles, Berlin. Mickery, Amsterdam. Teater Druzhba, Tblisi, Georgia. Folken, Stavanger. Sykkelfabrikken, Sandnes. Dalane Videregående School, Egersund. Zürcher Theater Spektakel, Theater Westend, Zürich. Ruzzle, De Marketen, Brussel. Milepelen, Nord-Odal, Hedmark Teater. Galleri F15, Moss. Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Eurokaz, Scena Cecao, Zagreb. Festival Int. de Teatro, Claustro de San Augostin, Malaga. Studentersamfunnet, Trondheim.

Prizes Baktruppen


––> Number 3 in Kunstkritikks election of the most important works of Art from the 00-century, with Stamsundundersøkelsen/ The tourist (2004)


––> Arts Hub Norway’s prize to Best Performance of the Year, for FunnySorryJesus (2004)


––> Natt&Dags prize for Performance of the year to Eurohæ? (2000)

Acting other (no.)

––> Tilfeldig utvalg. Hovedrolle i krimpilot for tv-serie. Basert på en bok av Morten Harry Olsen. Produsert ved RubiconTV v/ Vegard Stenberg Eriksen (2000)
––> Bøllefrø. Skuespiller i kortfilm. Manus og regi av Ingebjørg Torgersen. Produsert av Filmhuset AS (2000)
––> Cabaret. With Ragnar Hovland and Helga Eriksen. DJ Martin. Bergen. Arr. Ny Dramatikk ND -95 and BIT (1995)
––> Etter William. Skuespiller i forestilling. Tekst av Marit Tusvik. Regi Frode Rasmussen. Den Nasjonale Scene i Bergen (1993)
––> Wunderbaum.Tekst Ingri Lønnebotn. Regi Kai Johnsen. Bergen. Arr. ND-92 / BIT (1992)
––> Fløyel. Tekst av Rolf Enger. Ny Norsk Drama (ND), Bergen. Arr. ND-92 / BIT (1992)
––> Fat Night for slim people. Hovedrolle i kortfilm av Yngve Sæther, UiB (1990)
––> På taket over byen, mens vi andre sover. Hovedrolle i kortfilm av Gry Nøstdahl, UiB (1990)
––> Tvil. Hovedrolle i kortfilm av Yngve Sæther, UIB (1989)
––> From her to eternity.Hovedrolle i kortfilm av Gry Nøstdahl, UIB (1988)