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Ingvild Holm
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Artistic Research

Reuse Workshop

Workshop NTA

We get into low status things.

With Bachelor students i Acting and Scenography at Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad 23 – 27/1/2017.

Students Ragni Halle, Jakob Krog, Eline Waldeland, Sofia Findahl, Jay Fiskerstrand, Andrea Lindeneg, Livia Hiselius, Gregers Kroksleiven-Hansen, Tova Ekenberg, Naja Schønemann, Cecilio Orozco, Nina Tind Jensen, Shiva Sherveh, Duduzile Mathonsi and Miriam Pedersen.

(Excerpt from the description.)

The workshop is connected to my research on what space and context do to how and what we produce in theatre, with space itself as the protagonist. We will work with objects, costumes or moving sculptures, rather than actors or humanlike bodies. We will make experiments with different kinds of materials, both art works and everyday garbage, and discuss and explore the use and throws in productions and life in general.

Our spaces are the white Space Lab and the black Black Box, and we can play with and against their character and color.

I propose three projects:

1) A video based on the movie ‘Being John Malkovich’ about an unsuccessful puppeteer who gets to become famous through John Malkovich head. In our video people and puppets change place. See Being John Malkovich – The Puppet version.

2) A web site where the aim is to make it possible for big productions, theatres and TV to share decorations and materials with poorer artist or other productions, instead of throwing them. How can we make such a site artistically interesting and practical enough for it to actually be used and distributed by the big institutions? Lead to Sustainable scenography.

3) Spaces made by your own and the schools plastic garbage (all of it), for you to wear, as walking objects. Please start saving, and remember to clean it first. Part of the pre projects for the standup performance Plast-iiik!