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Ingvild Holm
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Artistic Research

The method is the sculpture

Performing research

Blind reflection with puppet. At Norwegian Artistic Research Forum.

Third and last presentation at Norwegian Artistic Research Forum, Klækken Hotell, Hønefoss, 06/03 2019 at 9.30.

(In a small conference room with about 50 chairs, windows on one side, white walls, a projector and a screen, and a small table in front to the side. On the table is my breakfast on a plate, a glass, a cup of coffee, a fork and a knife. Hidden behind the table is a second plate, glass, cup, fork and knife.)

Welcome and good morning, I’m sorry, – I’m not quite ready. I just need to fix a few things before we start. Could you please close your eyes for a moment, so that I…? Or you might be more comfortable with a sleeping masks. Yes? If you put them on, you can just relax? Ok? Here you are.

(I hand out black sleeping masks to everyone.)

So, okey… just a moment, I’m just going to fetch this…. (mumbles)

(I walk to the back of the space, push a chair over, brings it to the front, looses it again, leaves it in the middle, in front of the screen. I go to the window, pass a row of people really close.)

Sorry, excuse me, excuse me, – I just need to draw the curtains.

(I tear some fabric several times, mumble, return to the table, hit it hard with my body and throw the hidden breakfast set to the floor.)

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