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Ingvild Holm
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Artistic Research

This website is part of the reflection for the Artistic Research Project Space Automatism/ Scenomaten.

Website user manual

At Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA)/ Østfold University College, enrolled in the Norwegian Artistic Research Program (NARP/ DIKU). Supervisors: Karen Kipphoff and Kai Johnsen.

The website is part of the reflection for the Artistic Research Project Space Automatism (2015 – 2019) as well as an archive of works. It organizes as well as it shows the non-hierarchical character of a process. The small text over the title explains category and form, as for instance artistic research/ text, artistic research/ performing research or artistic research/ performance etc. The last work is shown to the top left. On the very top is this user manual, an English abstract and the last reflection text (in Norwegian).

Work and research can't be separated, and titles are repeated in different categories. Mostly everything shows on the front page, which is the same page as the category Work. The category Artistic Research consists of almost everything since 2015 and is more or less the same titles as in Work. The category Text has many of the same titles as Work and Artistic Research. The same goes for Video. In Video are also links to a few Baktruppen videos that I edited and some old acting. The titles marked Kunstpolitisk kriminalserie (Criminal Series on Art Politics) are a number of works from 2011 – 2015 that are central pre-research. Content will be added, rewritten and changed.

The website is a mix of English and Norwegian, which is true to the process and the fact that both NTA and the Norwegian Artistic Research Program is English spoken. I’ve consciously tried to avoid English when I possibly could, to develop my Norwegian.

Four last artistic works and this website (reflection and documentation) was delivered 24. and 25. of January 2020. The Viva Voce will probably happen in spring or early autumn.

Internal supervisor – Karen Kipphoff, professor and researcher at Norwegian Theatre Academy.
External co-supervisor – Kai Johnsen, director and professor at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Website – Paul Dring, web designer and artist (Tegneklubben).