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Ingvild Holm
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Äppelmosse, Fjädermosse och Jean Francois Regnard

Performance tekst

From the glittering French theatre salons to the forests of Lainio. Performances at the Luleå Biennial.

Text from the performances in Laino and Luleå during the Luleå Biennial, Sweden. Org. Residence-in-Nature, Norrbotten Museum/ Region Norrbotten and Luleå Biennial. Hemstadsgården Martissgården, Lainio 10/11 and Norrbotten Museum, Luleå 16 – 17/11/2018.

Based on a found moss collection by Friends of Moss Sweden and a film script written by the Roots of Kiruna. The script was an unrealized film project about the french comedy playwright Jean Francois Regnard and his journey to the North of Sweden in 1681, as the real first tourist to the area. It was written on A-4 papers wrapping a full collection of moss from the nearby forests of Lainio.

The performances were part of Residence-in-Nature, – a place-specific art project, and comments and play with place specificity, appropriation, tourism and the local as a golden puppeteer.

Two versions of stages and playing object were exhibited in Lainio and Luleå.

Read the text here. In Swedish.