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Ingvild Holm
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Workshops/ Lectures/ Seminars/ Artistic Research

Everyday Fiction. Site specifics. Looking for metaphysics and history in everyday spaces and playing them out as locations for scenes inspired by genre movies. Course with BA Acting. NTA & Zoom (2021)

Scenography Comedy
. Looking for humor in space, object and material, inspired by silent movies. Workshop with BA Scenography. NTA. Zoom (2021)

Blind Mimetic
. Blindfolded listening experiences re-made as site specific performative fantasies. Workshop with MA in performance and scenography at NTA (2020)

Twist lecture. On Art and sustainability on Graduation day, NTA (2019)

Space Workshop. Experiments in everyday spaces. At school. With bachelor students at NTA (2018)

Spiral lectures. What space and seating does to a lecture. Seated in a spiral. At Norwegian Theatre Academy (2018)

Recycled Scenography. Seminar at Heddadagene, Det Norske Teater, Oslo (2017)

Nye kluter. Seminar on Art views at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo. With Teatertanken (2017)

Reuse workshop. Plastic, puppets and the movie Being John Malkovich. Low-status material at NTA (2017)

Space Automatism Intro. Presenting my research project. Performance lecture at NTA (2016)

Baktruppen and me. Presenting me and history. Performance lecture NTA (2016)

Stand-in. Performative presentation of my research, NTA seminar (2015)

Forskriften som forsvant. Seminar, Dramatikkens hus, Oslo. With Teatertanken (2015)

Teaterfilmfestival. Scenekunnskap Chat Noir, Black Box Teater, Oslo (2014)

Kulturutredningen 2014; forslag til tiltak. Seminar, Scenekunnskap, Chat Noir (2014)

Ja, vi elsker teater. Seminar at Dramatikkens hus, Oslo. With Teatertanken (2014)

Artistic Research Collaborations

(Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA)/ Norwegian Artistic Research Program (NARP))

(2018 – 2019) Material Strategies, NTA/ NARP, Fredrikstad.
(2016 – 2017) Blind Spot, NTA/ NARP, Berlin, Fredrikstad, Bergen.
(2017) ReSite Venice. NTA/ NARP/ Research Pavilion, Venice.