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Ingvild Holm
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Artistic Research

Working spaces

Performativ exhibition

Objects at work.

12 – 16.00: Durational improvisation in Black box, Space lab, my office, hallways, stairs and elevator at Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad 25/1/2020.

With students, colleagues and objects from the research period:

Rachel Dagnall as Gold
– from Gold and Äppelmosse, Fjädermosse och Jean Francois Regnard.
Hazel Barstow as Kunstnerskapet
– from Er den daud?, Space Walk, Space Interview, og Kunstnerskapet presenterer Entreprenørskapet.
Linn Haldrup Lorenzen as Plast-iiik!
– from Plast-iiik Home, Plast-iiik White Cube, Plast-iiik Black box and Plast-iiik Chat Noir)
Ingvild Isaksen as Black
– from Blind Spot.
Livia Hiselius, Maria Strand Renberg and Puppets
– from Nora dances her tarantella, Et dukkehjem – filmen, and A Doll's House – trailer.
Jakob Oredsson, Felipe Osorio-Guzmán and Object-Oriented Orchestra (lights)
– from Object-Oriented Orchestra.
Ingvild Holm and Research fellow office
– from Scenomaten, A Doll's House and A story about size.

Also appearing:
A Doll's House – the puppetfilm.
Norway and Venice come together – see it happen in this video.
Cow and Fiddle – from Cow and Fiddle.
Dukkeskapet (puppet cabinet) – from Space Walk.

Fourth and last presentation of my artistic research project Space Automatism.

Photo: Karl Henrik Nymo